Evidence of Grahams achieved success creates a positive impression and I am proud that Graham is my Keyboard teacher. Lessons are fun and I especially enjoy the inclusion of learning to play songs from my choice along side the traditional course books, and has the most amazing amount of patience, and has the ability to transform my challenging negativity into achievement and confidence. He maintains a high standard of tuition and professional dedication that allows pupils to develop their full potential.


I am 76 years old and have been having lessons with Graham for 2 years and when I began I didn’t have a clue as to what to do. He has been extremely patient with me and offers enormous encouragement.
With my initial lack of musical knowledge my family and friends thought I wouldn’t stay the course, but due to Grahams inspiration this is not the case. I am thoroughly enjoying and progressing with my lessons would recommend him to anyone.


Graham has been an excellent tutor as I’ve embarked on learning the piano as a “mature” learner! He has been extremely patient and encouraging as he has taken me through the rudiments and moving me on to together pieces. Always positive and supportive Graham gets me through those moments when I feel I’m making little progress so I return to practice with renewed enthusiasm


Graham has been teaching me for about a year and a half now. In that time I feel I have learned a lot about playing the piano and music theory. Graham is a friendly and patient teacher and always answers any questions I have clearly. The lessons are fun and relaxed and I am very happy to have Graham as my piano teacher and have every faith that he will make a great pianist of me yet!


Graham teaches keyboard to my son. He has been his teacher for the past 2 years. My son is progressing very well and I am very happy with the efforts taken by Graham. Graham is very flexible as well. His flexibility allows me to reschedule a lesson in case we can’t make it. As far as the place at kings Lynn is concerned, it’s well furnished with all facilities. The place has ample parking. I would recommend Graham as a music teacher to whoever wants to learn keyboard.

Manish Gunda

I started having keyboard lessons with Graham in 2011 at the age of 56, I had never played before and could not read music either, but thanks to Graham’s enthusiasm for his teaching, the encouragement and endless patience he shows to his pupil, I am now learning towards my first exam. Whenever I have doubts about being able to learn a song and say ‘i can’t do it’ Graham says ‘yes you can’ and he’s always right.


I have been going to music lessons with Graham since February 2009, aged 56. Im currently studying for Grade 3 theory and Grade 2 keyboard exams. I have come along way, since starting with Graham.

Roger Player

I send my son for piano lessons with Graham Woods and have done for six months. I am pleased with the progress he’s making and hope to see my boy to start working toward grade 1 soon.


After receiving a surprise gift of piano lessons for Christmas, I finally plucked up the courage to book up! I couldn’t read music, was tone deaf, and knew I was going to be hand fisted..How wrong was I! I stepped into a relaxed non-formal atmosphere straight away and Graham Woods, the piano teacher, totally put me at ease with his laid back chatty welcome. My first lesson flew by and was great fun and made uncomplicated. Id started to read music, and given songs to practise. 8 weeks in and I can really start to see a difference. Graham is a patient teacher and makes the lessons a totally pleasurable experience. I would definitely recommend you book up some lessons!

Emma Murton

I have been learning Keyboard with Graham since 2010 and continue to find enjoyment in learning keyboard. Graham is an excellent teacher and patient teacher. When i am finding it hard, I look back over the last four years and realise how far i have come and how many exams I have taken and passed well. It makes the hard work worthwhile. Its my choice to take the exams and with Graham’s encouragement, nothing is impossible! I recommend him as an excellent teacher who makes learning fun for young and old alike, with me being in the not-so-young catergory!

Theresa Hall

I began lessons with Graham in Septemeber 2014. I had always regretted giving up piano lessons as a child, but over 20 years later I was unsure about re-starting lessons. I need’nt have worried! Graham is an excellent teacher, he is fun and patient. My skills have improved considerably! Initially I wanted to play for fun, but Graham persuaded me to do exams! I have just achieved a distinction in my first grade and am now preparing for my next (and as many more as i can!) I absolutely LOVE playing the piano and my lessons. Practising is a joy – not a chore and I feel I’m improving every week! Thanks Graham!

Kim Howard

I first started to learn piano over 40 years ago but gave up and always wished I’d continued. Then about 7 years ago, I got in touch with Graham and he’s been my teacher ever since, guiding me through the grades, so far up to Grade 5 which i take later this year. He has the patience of a saint and is always good-humoured and encouraging with his advice. If i can re-learn, anyone can and with a teacher like Graham its both enjoyable and easy.

Tricia McCarron


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